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The Bethel Bible Series is a terrific Bible study providing adults within a two year framework, an overview of the Biblical history and the Scritpures. Pastor Don will be beginning a new study of Bethel in the fall if we have enough recruits (minimum 10 adults.)







WHAT BETHEL IS...                           WHAT BETHEL IS NOT...


1. An overview of the Bible dealing with                                   1. A book-by-book study, though we will themes and history of the Scriptures.                                                              cover the books of the Bible in a                                                                                                           historical fashion.


2.  A systematic, sequential study of the Bible                       2. "Jump to the New Testament" as if the building on previous themes and earlier lessons.                                            Old Testament has no place or value to                                                                                                          understand the New  Testament.


3. Work- Fun- Learning                                                            3. A word-by-word analysis of the  and you may  arrange those three in your own order.                                                      Bible.                                                                                                   

                                                                                                   4. Boring!                 

4.  One of the best Bible studies around with over 2.5 million successfully completing the teacher/Discipling Phase. Used by over 30 Denominations and taught in many nations.

 Class Format:        1 hour in the Congregational Phase sections.and an additional 30 minutes for                                      class/personal discussion time after dismissal.

 Curriculum Costs:    No charge for the classes' tuition. No add-ons Only $11 for Unit A and $10 for each                                      additional unit: B thru F.



                      Opening Prayer for receptivity

                      10 minutes to review previous week's lesson.

                      45 minutes for new material presentation

                        5 minutes for closing assigmnents (reading,etc.)

                      Class will adjourn

                      Members may stay with Pastor for 30 minutes' discussion period.



Developer: Harley Swiggam, an American Lutheran Church pastor called to the Bethel Lutheran congregation of Madison, WI. His call to the congregation was to be Christian Education pastor to oversee their Sunday School and its teachers in the late 50's. Their Sunday School had over 3000 learners.

His teachers complained about the quality of materials to teach in their classes. Harley looked over the material and talked with his volunteer teachers. His diagnosis was they did not "know" the Bible. Assuming that will knowledge, they could teach anything regardless of its quality of they knew the "Book."

The congregation empowered Harley to study and draft a teaching approach to equip them (the teachers) to teach God's Word to the students. He did and he taught them. His genius shines in the material and the concepts and methodology of teaching the Bible.

In 1961, they went through the two-year study with Harley. Friends of the teachers asked Harley if they could learn it next. The members of Bethel Lutheran knew something VERY special was created. They incorporated the Adult Christian Education Foundation to manage the affairs of the newly growing "Bethel Series."

Interest grew both in the US and around the world. Bethel is now taught in over 25 nations and throughout over 30 denominations. It is both global and ecumenical.

Harley promised to update some sections. But the decades past without updates. With this section, the updates have been completed. You are part of something NEW and something OLD! WELCOME!




While Don went away to college, Pastor Ed at St. Mark Lutheran in Pittsburgh enrolled the congregation into the Bethel Series. There is an enrollment fee of some consequence. Ed took some 15 adults through the Teacher Training phase of the Bethel study. It was nothing less than transformational in the lives of members.


Pastor Don in 1978 in his second call was authorized to enroll Good Shepherd Lutheran into the Bethel family at a cost of $1,000. Pastor went to Madison, WI and be taught over two full weeks in the two-year study with Harley Swiggam. This would be the last time Harley taught his own material, thereafter, others teach his overview. Pastor Don recruited 14 adults in his first class in 1979 at Good Shepherd and had wonderful changes in members' lives. He taught another 2-year study before moving and accept another call.


In Indianapolis, the First Trinity congregation had already been an 'enrolled' congregation. There had not been any classes for over 10 years. Pastor recruit adults in 3 separate sections to study with him: in 1984,1986,1988.


In coming to Our Saviour in 1993, Pastor waited, learned and watched the existing ministries of the people. He proposed in 1996 that the congregation enroll in Bethel. Our enrollment was $800. Pastor Don did some quick talking to reduce the cost since he was already trained and used the materials so much.


In 1997, Pastor Don recruited and began with 25 adults at Our Saviour in the Bethel classes. One died during the time period (not in the class, he assures us). The remaming completed the study.


This year, 2000, Pastor will begin the Unit A congregation phase and Linda Carrick, a professional teacher and a caring Christian will continue on the journey with the class with Unit B.


To date, Pastor Don has in 20 years brought 125 adults "safely" through the study of two years. Of all the aspects of pastoral ministry, Pastor Don considers this aspect, the Bethel Series, one of the most significant parts of his ministry, teaching God's Word and watching the changes in people's lives.






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